Cultural awareness is at the root of all aspects of modern life. Being open minded, empathetic, and inclusive of all individuals are all things everyone should strive for in their daily lives. Especially those who work in customer service oriented fields.

All too often, deaf and hard of hearing individuals face discrimination and misunderstandings in their daily lives that can easily be avoided by simple training and restructuring of practices.

Examples of disappointing situations born out of misinformation:

  • Misconception that deaf individuals and those who work with deaf individuals know Braille. Braille is the language used by blind individuals. American Sign Language is the language used by deaf individuals.
  • The very common “deer in headlights” look deaf individuals receive while at a restaurant or other public venue when the hearing person they are interacting with does not know how to effectively communicate with them.

Personalized training and evaluation of services to empower your employees to offer the best experience for deaf and hard of hearing customers.

With over 11 million deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States and 446 million in the world, it is of utmost importance for organizations and individuals to know how to communicate and interact with everyone.

With that goal in mind, we will work with your business or organization to taylor customized training and help foster a culture of amicable customer service for all.