With over five years of experience being immersed in the Deaf Community, Amanda uses the knowledge she has gained to work with and educate businesses and individuals to encourage better communication access for all.

Cultural Awareness Training

All too often, deaf and hard of hearing individuals encounter discrimination and misunderstanding in their daily lives that can easily be avoided.

Our cultural awareness training encourages participants to pause and consider their daily interactions from a new perspective. Being open minded, empathetic, and inclusive are characteristics that are exercised throughout these sessions.

Custom Training Modules

Seeking to create sustainable training for your employees? Amanda will work with you to create training modules that fit your industry. Hospitality businesses: restaurants, hotels, and airlines are her speciality, but she’s always open to working within any industry.

Video Captioning

Do you have awesome video content that is shared on the web, but never had the time to add captions? We can help! Video captioning is vital when it comes to providing accessible and inclusive video content.

Speaking Engagements

Aiming to inspire your group or organization, but not interested in immersive training? Amanda is available to speak at schools, conferences, meetings, or other engagements.